Q-bear: An Al baby crying translator
Q-bear uses exclusive artificial intelligence technology to analyze and recognize babies’ needs from different types of cries to help parents react more easily.
There are four identifiable needs: hunger, a dirty/wet diaper, sleepiness and a need for comfort.
Furthermore, Q-bear can also detect a baby’s discomfort level for parents to further understand their baby’s health situation.


  • Exclusive production of Quantum music | Artificial intelligence + patented computational technology
  • Easily detects four needs from babies | Including a discomfort index to help parents understand their baby’s situation.
  • 10-second crying translation | The translation will become more accurate over a longer usage period.
  • Patented comforting music for baby | When babies feel sleepy, it will play comforting music automatically.
  • Colorful lighting system | To stimulate melatonin and help babies’ sleeping quality.


Q-bear is a product designed as an assistant to support parents of newborns. It is designed using an 18-layer deep learning architecture and processes GPU pre-training mode through more than 10,000 rows of crying data from babies, and also combines pre-process algorithm technology. Q-bear can precisely identify four basic needs, such as being fussy, tired, hungry, and having a dirty/wet diaper. It also can do a pain analysis to track your baby’s physiological condition at any time.

For example, Q-bear will auto-play a lullaby and a patented womb sound and start the sleep aid light when it detects the “tired” message. Q-bear can track diaper inventory when it detects a “change diaper” message. Q-bear can also turn on nightlights using voice control, so parents no longer have to get flustered at midnight.

Furthermore, Q-bear provides pushmail to notify parents about every condition—whether it’s the baby crying, an abnormal indoor temperature or humidity reading, abnormal urine frequency, or an abnormal pain index—all of that information will auto-notify and the data will be saved in Q-bear’s data storage. Caregivers can use the app to save their baby’s information without worrying about any data breaches.
In addition, Q-bear has a learning function, which can further increase the accuracy with the number of uses. In addition to being the most accurate (95%) prediction product on the market, it is also the only AIoT with automatic detection, activation and recording.


Q-bear’s appearance design was inspired by “oriental jade” with a cute silicone surface. It protects the product, and also provides more options on its appearance, making the product compatible with children’s products with its decorative white elements. Q-bear has three placement selections to choose from: tabletop, wall hanging, and crib stand. The bottom is designed with non-slip silicone rubber, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it when you place it on the table. It also comes with a metal hanging ring with a 50 lb. weight capacity. Q-bear can be hung on the wall, car handle or baby stroller.

The special rack design can fit in all baby cribs which meet ASTM F1169 market regulations. And the soft silicone design ensures the baby won’t be injured if accidental head-bumping occurs. The silicone power cord makes it impossible for a baby to pull out the power cord, ensuring safety. Moreover, all the products have already passed the “Safety Toys” certification and all materials comply with RHoS3.0.

There are five buttons on Q-bear, with voice prompts and 13 full-color LED lights for interaction. For instance, when detecting a baby’s cry, a blue-green light will be activated, turning the body into a piece of jasper. When performing artificial intelligence recognition after listening, a rotating warm-color light will appear, which symbolizes that the AI is “thinking”. When the voice is played after recognition, the lights will start fading up and down as waves.


The support system for parents of newborns: Q-bear is the most accurate crying translator in the world. It can automatically record health information, play a lullaby or white noise at the right time, and automatically record and adjust inventory. When there is abnormal temperatures and humidity, abnormal urine, abnormal pain, or the baby is crying, it will pushmail automatically to the caregivers. This device is a good friend to new parents and will help them create wonderful memories with their babies.

Privacy protection: The crying data doesn’t need to be uploaded to the server and can be identified only locally via edge-computing technology. All the physical data is stored in the Q-bear’s built-in database, and only the paired caregiver’s mobile phone can be accessed through Bluetooth. There is no need to worry about data leaks or hacks, and the privacy of users is fully protected.

Powerful expansion function: Other than healthcare and bio-detection, Q-bear has a full-color nightlight and a digital psychrometer. It can also interact with other Alexa system products. Besides the built-in variety of lullabies and patented white noise, it can also download audiobooks and nursery rhymes. Parents can record their own content and upload it to Q-bear as well.


We are focusing on improving the way to raise baby and give parents more quality life and raise baby easily.

  • Auto-Trigger and Recognition

  • Recognize 4 common needs

  • Build-in Music and Lamp

  • Pain Scale Function

  • Pushmail in APP

  • Highest Accuracy

  • Voice Control

  • Flexible case

  • Safety Toy License of Stand

  • Transfer Learning

  • Support English, Mandarin

  • Tooth whitening

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